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The Counterfeit Cop™ will protect your business against losses attributed to the acceptance of fraudulent payment and identification. The presence of the "Cop" acts as a deterrent to criminals attempting to pass phony documents.

The Counterfeit Cop™ is an electronic device that employs Both Ultra Violet and incandescent light technology to help detect:

Counterfeit Currency - Domestic & International
Altered and Fake ID's
Fake Driver's and Pilot's Licenses
Reproduced Government and Personal Checks
Phony INS Documents
Fraudulent Event Tickets
Reproduced Casino Chips

The Counterfeit Cop™ can confirm genuine documents that include the use of special papers, polymer threads, imbedded holograms, fluorescent inks, and hidden watermarks. In addition, the Counterfeit Cop™ is easy to use and takes up very little space. All you need is a single standard outlet and minimal training.

The Counterfeit Cop™'s UV bulb has more than double the wattage of competing devices. This makes the detection of the security thread quick and easy.

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